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  Individual Tuition

As the name suggests, individual tuition is usually given on a one-on-one basis. We offer a choice between intensive courses (3 or 5 hours per day) and immersion courses (at least 8 hours per day). The emphasis in the immersion courses in particular is on learning in context, which includes non-classroom activities relevant to the learner’s interests. Because each course is tailor-made, the learner has maximum benefit from exclusive focus on his or her individual language needs and professional and personal interests. This approach also allows the balance of professional and personal interests to be geared to the individual, with local cultural or sporting elements offering exciting options for learning in context. An added bonus is the location of the course venue in the centre of Edinburgh, which provides ample scope for activities during the lunch breaks or at the end of the day.

Business professionals

The intensive courses focus on improving general business communication (e.g. telephoning and emailing), developing skills (e.g. for presentations and meetings) and increasing the learner’s confidence in using spoken English. In the immersion courses, in addition to working in a meeting-room setting, the learning-in-context element involves a variety of non-classroom activities, such as facilitated meetings with local businesspeople or company visits.

Language professionals

Individual tuition provides an ideal complement to our workshops for interpreters and translators. In this one-on-one setting, it is possible to focus on specific aspects which are simply too individual to be addressed sufficiently in a group workshop (e.g. pronunciation issues, points of grammar, feedback on interpreting/translating exercises). The mornings-only option offers an additional benefit, by the way: you can explore the city during the day, which cannot be done during the full-day workshop.

Individual plus

Here, the focus is on English in the context of personal interests. From golf to cooking, from Scottish history to Scotch whisky: this is an opportunity to try out something new or to improve existing skills, to make new discoveries or to deepen existing knowledge – all through the medium of English, with a distinctly Scottish accent.



What others are saying

"For me, this is the only way to learn English – from excellent teachers in a relaxed atmosphere and a fantastic historical city. I’m coming back next year."


Michael, HR director, Germany

"This immersion course was the perfect way for me to prepare for my first international art fair, particularly thanks to the meetings with gallery owners and artists integrated into the course."


Klaus, art dealer, Germany

About us

Having founded Xchange Services in 2008 to provide high-end translating and interpreting services, we now also offer intensive workshops for translators and interpreters as well as tailor-made tuition for individuals. Our aim is to assist professionals in improving their communication skills and thus achieving greater success – both professionally and personally. As firm believers in the importance of culture and context in language learning, we deliver our courses exclusively in Edinburgh.


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Because of the uncertainty regarding travel restrictions and the cancellation of this year's Edinburgh festivals, the workshops planned for August 2021 have been postponed to 2022. The actual dates will be announced in January 2022.


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